Specialists in negotiation, arbitration and litigation.

Practice areas


We are a law firm specialized in dispute resolutions through arbitration, whether it is national, international, institutional or ad hoc.

We participate regularly in the legal advice and defence of clients before various Spanish arbitration courts, such as the Civil and Mercantile Arbitration Court of Madrid (CIMA) – in which we have also been arbitrators-; the Court of Arbitration of the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid (CAM) or the Arbitration Court of some of the Bar Associations of our country.

We have successfully resolved arbitrations –both as arbitrators and as lawyers representing parties- in issues related to international investments, real estate investments, construction , banking or corporate conflicts.


One of the distinguishing features of the Firm is the defence of highly complex matters before Courts and Tribunals of Civil, Contentious-Administrative and Constitutional jurisdiction, and before the European Justice Authorities.

We begin our work designing the best procedural strategy. We gather the most suitable evidence to reach a successful outcome and we draft our writings with technical and legal high quality. The hearings are prepared by our best professionals, which have proven experience in Court.

We have successfully advised our clients, over the years, in important issues on banking law, insolvency law, contractual breaches, corporate conflicts, construction defects or property settlements.

We also regularly intervene in actions brought before the Court of Justice of the European Union or the European Court of Human Rights.

Criminal Law

Our firm intervenes habitually in matters of criminal nature, both in the defence of the individuals under investigation and in the execution of the accusation: in particular, corporate crimes, crimes against cultural heritage, tax crimes and crimes against the Public Treasury.

We provide legal advice for the crime prevention (Compliance) and, in the event a proceeding is initiated, we follow all the judicial stages and appeals, designing the best possible strategy for safeguarding the interests and rights entrusted to us.

The Firm has successfully been involved in some of the most relevant Spanish criminal proceedings over the past years, such as the “Malaya”, “Ballena Blanca”, “CAM”, “Hidalgo” or “Erial” proceedings.

Mercantile Law

In this practice area, we include the advice provided to our clients in matters that can affect their commercial organisation and activity, specially, in the area of hotel and real estate investment.

Our main goal is to know well our clients and their needs to be able to provide them the best service.

We assist our clients from the early stages of creating the society, drafting statutes, incorporating societies and drawing up shareholders agreements. We help the company in its everyday life, drawing up contracts of all kinds, revising agreements and taking part in the negotiations whenever our presence is needed, to provide a legal form to the intended agreements.

We also provide advisory and secretarial services in the administrative boards or in the shareholders meetings.

Property Development and Planning

Within the broad range that covers the public law, the Firm is specialized in the area of administrative law penalties.

Likewise, we regularly advise on matters of public procurement (preparation of contracts, recruitment procedures, dispute resolutions) and on the administrative procedures for subsides and public grants.

n terms of urban planning, the Firm advices the clients in the preparation and processing of the urban planning instruments (partial plans, detailed studies, etc.); urban management instruments (equidistributional projects, expropriation); urban planning agreements or planning permissions.

Real Estate

The Firm provides adivce in the purchase or sales process of property assets for companies and of private homes and residencies for individual clients.

To do this, we previously perform a legal due diligence procedure, which enables us to rule out the existence of any urban or environmental disorder that may challenge the sale or purchase.

We draft and prepare construction contracts, architectural contracts and project managment contracts. We advise and defend before the Courts the issues that may affect the resposibility of the construction agents.

Lastly, we provide legal advice for the management of shopping centres, dealing with their day-to-day problems, both with the tenants of the locals and with the Public Administration. We offer consulting for all legal questions arising from this activities, we draft rental contracts, assignment contracts and we make representatitons before the Public Administration in the administrative proceedings that could arise.

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