International relations

In view of the growing importance of the international commercial operations, many years ago it arose the need to meet, under the Spanish law, the demands of the foreign clients that live in our country or perform their professional or commercial activity in our territory, as well as to provide the Spanish customers with the necessary advice for the increasing commercial relationships outside Spain.

To make it a reality, Ramón C. Pelayo Abogados has been collaborating for years with law firms around the world, from Latin America to Middle East.

At European level, apart from maintaining a close relationship with different law firms and companies from most countries, our Law Firm has been a member of EURAVOCAT, an European Economic Interest Grouping currently formed by law firms from France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary for over twenty years.

The members of this Grouping meet annually, together with some of their collaborators, in order to provide personal and professional knowledge among its members. The goal, which we consider to have been achieved, is to control and monitor the legal collaborations between law firms through the knowledge of the partners, beyond what is required by the merely professional relationships. Besides, these meetings allow knowing the most relevant legal news from other countries.

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