Arab Desk

The Arab Desk of Ramón C. Pelayo Abogados advises clients from Arab countries in national or international transactions because we have lawyers and experts with extensive experience in litigation and negotiation.

We have worked with private clients and institutions from the Persian Gulf such as Kuwait, making our new office in Marbella, more attractive for them.

Business growth and diversification of investments have increased the number of companies in the Gulf which have an interest in the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa, in the same way that Spanish companies have increased business in more than 20 Arab speaking countries.

Some of these countries offer significant tax advantages due to double taxation treaties with major Arab countries.

Our mastery of the Arabic language and business culture allows us to offer our customers a high quality service with extensive experience in litigation, arbitration and national and international negotiations.

Head Lawyer

Amin Khello Casado

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